Welcome to MkIII

I placed an order for my first Warmachine and Hordes models on the 8th of April 2016. On the 11th, Privateer Press announced the next version – MkIII. Due for worldwide release on the 29th of June, it has proven to be an entertaining and enlightening couple of months as the wider online community I had just begun to dip my toes into has spasmodically gone from rapturous glee to dejected despair seemingly every other forum topic.

Being ignorant as I was, with nary an attachment to any particular caster or playing piece, I welcomed the news with great excitement. Immediately I had visions of being able to find new and exciting ways to use all the models I really liked the sculpts for, but general forum wisdom had been telling me were extremely poor choices for army composition. Getting to experiment with all the new interactions, combos, and synergies that a re-balanced version of the rules will bring feels like a dream I didn’t know I had coming true.

The local community here has still been having regular meetings and game sessions, and so I’ve had several matches to whet my whistle while we wait for MkIII. I picked Makeda2 as my starting Warlock because I wanted to get my beasts to do a lot of work, and she had several good utility spells that assisted with her battlegroup’s mobility. I had a blast with the 4 games I had the opportunity to play in MkII. Every last one was thrilling, and my opponents were gracious in both their (surprising) defeats, and their (crushing) victories.

Match 1: 25 points, Makeda2 vs Scaverous1 – Victory on Scenario

Match 2: 25 points, Makeda2 vs Zerkova2 – Defeat by Assassination

Match 3: 35 points, Makeda2 vs Scaverous1 – Victory by Assassination

Match 4: 35 points, Makeda2 vs Nemo2 – Defeat on Scenario

My group will be running a small in-house Journeyman League from this coming Monday onwards. We will all be proxying the new warcasters/warlocks for our chosen factions, and use this as a vehicle to really get to grips with the tweaked rule set for MkIII. An advantage of not knowing what I’m doing in the first place, is that I have no ingrained habits to break.

With MkIII heralding the dawn of a new age of Warmachine and Hordes, as well as the fact Makeda2 has gone through a substantial change, I will change my primary Warlock at this time as well. I love the Xerxis1 sculpt, and am really interested in the extra movement shenanigans he lets you play with the infantry side of a list. For the foreseeable future, outside of the intro Journeyman League, Xerxis1 will be getting all my attention. Expect some odd things.

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