All in on Reds.

Got my dates a little mixed up last week. The local journeyman league starts next Monday… Still, Rick and I got a preview game in after work, and the 2 big red factions, Skorne and Khador, went at it for a quick scrap. Xekaar1 vs Kozlov1, battlebox lists.

Scenario played was Mosh Pit from the new Prime rulebook. We misplayed the objective. We were playing ‘control for 1, dominate for 2, first to 5’, but a quick check now shows it’s only control for 1, and first to 3 gains victory.

I win the roll and choose to go first, Rick chooses the side with a wall poking into the objective zone, and deploys. I deploy opposite, off-setting both my Cyclops to the left of the Titan who I deployed directly opposite his battlegroup. 4 models vs 3 – more care was taken with deployment than was probably necessary. Match starts.

Turn 1

Skorne runs. Passes turn.

Khador clomps. Passes turn.

Turn 2

Thinking I’m clever, and in a good position, I move the Savage triumphantly into the zone as bait, then cast Prescience on the Raider. Raider aims, then casts Far Strike prompting much bemusement as I realise that I can’t have 2 animi on a single beast, wasting the Prescience fury spent. Paranoia sets in, so I boost to hit RAT7 vs DEF10, and also boost damage. Plinks a few boxes off the Juggernaught. Titan toes the zone. Xekaar steps into potential range of a RoF2 Pow15 gun and feats (-3STR, MAT, RAT and THR in control range) catching both the Decimator and the Juggernaught. Passes turn.

Khador laments the feat. Rick spends a minute debating whether to go in on the Savage bait anyway, and decides against it (curses). Kozlov upkeeps Chosen Ground, assigns 2 more focus to the Decimator. Juggernaught retreats from the Raider slightly. Decimator toes the zone behind a wall, and takes its two RAT1 pot-shots. Both hit. Both spike. Savage looses his Spirit, and the Gladiator looses his Mind. Passes turn.

Turn 3

Not a great outcome from turn 2 for Xekaar. His feat completely backfired on him, as apparently needing 12s to hit is no big deal for a Decimator. Still, plenty more ideas in the tank to pull this one back on track, so I got to work. Titan moves into counter-charge position. Raider chases the Juggernaught, with the same Far Sight, double boost move, plinking in another couple of damage. Xekaar then activates, casts Psycho Surgery restoring the lost aspects to both warbeasts, puts Enrage on the Savage, then moves behind the Titan screen and casts a boosted Mortality on the Decimator. So far, so good, but I’ve left Xekaar on 0 transfers. Savage charges. Despite being behind the wall, my Savage only needs a 4 to hit. I roll snake eyes. Rick kindly reminds me the Savage has future sight built in, so I boost to hit. I roll a 1. With 1 fury left I buy an attack which does precisely… 0 damage. Passes turn.

Kozlov upkeeps Chosen Ground, assigns 2 focus to the Juggernaught, feats, and steps forward for a swing or two spreading a little damage around. Juggernaught plays “Rock, Paper, Ice Axe” with the Savage. Savage looses. Decimator glares at the Gladiator, who drops dead for no apparent reason, and the zone is now solely occupied by 2 Khador heavies and Kozlov. Khador dominates for 2, passes turn.

Turn 4

Xekaar is now about 3 inches from 2 Khador heavies, and Kozlov is just behind them. One slim, slim chance at victory by assassination is available. Raider moves, Far Strike, double boosts (he was a consistent little chap at least) sneaks in 3 damage on Kozlov, who takes it to the chin keeping his 1 focus in reserve. Xekaar is now it, no other pieces are available. He charges the Decimator and positions himself where his attacks can reach Kozlov. Mathematically, the assassination was possible with a STR9 weaponmaster. Practically, however, I just rolled a few dice then conceded.

Khador victory

I arrived, I went first, I lost. Great fun, felt pretty natural but then I know so little anyway I do things like try and put 2 animi on the same beast as my opening play… A few ideas on how to better use Beast Master Xekaar came up in post match discussions. I will try to explore these during the actual Journeyman league that begins next Monday.

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