Thought Experiments

Ever since War Room 2 was released, I’ve spent at least an hour a day building Skorne lists, tinkering with ideas and combinations, and dreaming up set-plays and best case scenarios (I’m an optimist.) Sometimes I even combined this with listening to podcasts, and reading forums to look for ideas or rule interactions I was missing. As a result I’ve come to the conclusion I cannot run only Xerxis1 while I learn the game better. While I am interested in almost all the Skorne casters for various reasons, I have managed to decide on my top 3 who will be my starting caster stable. In no particular order: Xerxis1, Mordikaar1, Makeda3. (P.S. All models now acquired, and I’ve successfully pinned both Xerxis1 and Mordikaar1 without stabbing myself with the 1mm drill bit. Just Makeda3 to go now.)

In general, there’s an undercurrent of “Skorne is stuffed” floating about in a few of the more prominent places I’ve found online. Thankfully, I don’t see it myself. I’m looking at my army without any form of nostalgia attached to it, so it’s a bit easier for me to be excited by a lot of what I’m finding. To me, a Bronzeback isn’t “nerfed from Fury 5” it is simply a Fury 4 heavy that not only hits hard but gets all the other Titans to chillax a bit. I’m going to have to call mine “Fonzie” and give it a slick and shiny black mane. Wonder if I could green-stuff a cowlick on there…

Here’s a few things I’ve dreamt up or adapted from things I’ve found in my rules forum searches, and am unjustifiably excited by right now:

  • Venator Reivers make great beast, jack, and solo hunters. A full unit of Reivers plus command attachment, supported by Venator Dakar, Extoller Soulward solo, and run by Xerxis1 gives you a potential all-eggs-in-one-maximum-basket CRA attack with: 24″ threat, eyeless sight, RAT may-as-well-auto-hit, POW 25 magical weapon, with a reroll available for the damage. In for a penny, in for a pound, so adding a little support bloat brings up the efficiency in the heavy hunting with “the full package” – adding another Soulward and a Mortitheurge Willbreaker allows two CRA attacks at RAT 12, one at POW 19, one at 20 with all the heavy-hunting ghost-sighted magical-damage re-roll goodness intact. When not smashing down heavies or solos, this combination still gives strong shooting support as the guns are naturally long ranged, and the unit can reposition 3″.
  • Razor Worms are amazing. Long Leash and AD with dig-in is going to be ridiculously fun with Mordikaar1’s feat. Assuming full buffs, that’s DEF 20 vs shooting and magic, immune to blast, with poltergeist. Several options for the follow-up, from a simple ghostly run into position for Essence Blast shenanigans, to an eyeless sighted charge at a support piece/infantry with drag below.
  • And lastly, the silliest Xerxis1 Turn 1 move I have come up with so far: requires Titan Gladiator, Aradus Sentinel, (and Extoller Soulward for turn 2+.) Deploy Xerxis and Extoller central on the start line, Titan right behind Xerxis. AD Aradus Sentinel centrally, but opposite key support. Advance Xerxis 5″ and cast Tactical Supremacy and Rush on the Sentinel. Trample Sentinel forward 8″, then reposition another 3″ forward at end of activation. Run the Extoller to keep Aradus within 6″. Have Gladiator cast Rush on himself, move 5″ into B2B with Xerxis, start a throw power attack, boost to hit needing 5+, throw Xerxis directly forward 6″, roll damage on Xerxis, and laugh if damage spikes. Aradus now is bang on the centre line, still in control range, and on Turn 2 is given Guidance and threatens 11″ at RAT7. The sensible (and boring) version is to do this with a Cannoneer instead (no Xerxis throw required.)

I’m really curious to try out some of these and other crazy ideas I have on the table. I have no idea if I’m setting myself up for failure, but I’m keen to learn by doing and experimenting with ideas is one of the ways I learn best. I’m working on a couple of pages for this blog to statically track things like my favoured combos/interactions, set-plays, and even a leaderboard of wins/losses/deaths etc. Likely take a while to work this out as I’m new to not only wordpress, but blogging on the web in general.

Journeyman League starts tonight (definitely this time) so watch this space for the battle reports on my Xekaar adventure.

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