First Tournament Tomorrow

There’s a Full Steam release event tournament being held locally tomorrow. I’ve entered and I have no idea what I’m doing. The format itself is simple enough in principle: 3 rounds at 75pts, one list only. 2 hour games with no turn timers or deathclock. Making the decision on what single list to take is another matter entirely.

I’ve spent the last week changing my mind on a daily basis about what to take on the day. I had fairly well homed in on either taking a Xerxis1 list or a Makeda3 one, but I had come up with so many fun looking lists I want to try I’d been stuck in a 2nd-guessing-myself loop.

Some of my ideas would have required me to assemble an awful lot of models tonight, and in the interest of saving myself from a 3am bedtime the night before my first tournament I decided to minimise the amount of construction needed.

Following on with my new brief of “minimal assembly required” I had another look at the Full Steam launch event scoring system. I saw that assassinations are worth 1 point, but scenario wins are worth 2. So neither path should be ignored, but scenario presence will be beneficial. The rest of the scoring options are single awards, and of note there’s a whopping 4 points available if I can win a game when I only take a battlegroup. Sean L. recently offered up his pearl of wisdom on our local Facebook group: “More Titans = Win”

I totally blame Sean for the madness I’m going to bring.

Bronzeback Titan
Titan Cannoneer
Titan Cannoneer
Titan Gladiator
Titan Gladiator
Titan Sentry


(Really hoping I’m not missing any key Bronzeback parts, as I need to put him together tonight.)

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