A Table Tale. Part 2 -Gathering Inspiration

The last couple of weeks I’ve spent researching other attempts at building custom game tables. There’s a glut of inspiration to be found on Google, and after sketching out a few ideas I find I am only a touch closer to deciding on a feature set than I was 2 weeks ago. As I actively play a variety of game systems including pen and paper RPGs, I’m going to take the feature ideas to my next few game sessions, do some “market research” and see if I can narrow the list down and avoid unnecessary scope-creep.

As it’s possible to over-engineer a game table and fill it with too many clever gadgets and features (http://www.geekchichq.com/products/sultan-deposit) this is a pitfall I am actively seeking to avoid in my own design. Once I decide upon the features actually needed, I’ll start looking for existing plans for both core construction methods, and finishing ideas. I’ve heard some good things about http://www.sketchup.com/ and that there are several game table designs available through this software I am keen to examine. Otherwise I have a to-do list to find some well resourced home carpentry forums to plumb for information. (And there’s always youtube…)

Obligatory links to several tables that are currently giving me inspiration:



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