Enter, The Errata

Several inconsequential factors have stopped any progress on this blog, but we are now back on track, with a heading that looks weirdly out of place so far from the event itself.

On the 17th of January, 2017, Privateer Press finally issued the long anticipated Skorne Errata. That’s right, an errata solely for a single faction. I will quote Jason Soles from the Privateer Press Insider which accompanied the release of the errata documents for some context as to how big a deal this was:

In all we made nearly a hundred changes to nearly fifty models. We reevaluated virtually every warlock to make sure each had a distinct play style. We strove to make sure each warbeast was worth its point cost, and we sought to distinguish the role of every unit and solo in the Faction.

Privateer Press had acknowledged they fell short of even their own expectations with Mk3 Skorne and that the faction lacked identity, power, and entertainment. They committed to fixing their mistakes, and the overwhelming reception from the community when the errata released was that they had done just that. Personally, I didn’t have as much of a problem with the state Skorne was in as others did, but I’m certainly enjoying like post-errata even more than I was pre-errata.

Privateer Press have really hit the mark for me with Skorne. There is a huge amount of interesting options now throughout the entire faction and I have been churning out lists on paper (well, in tablet memory) at a voracious rate. I’ve barely played any of them, but the fires of my imagination have been stoked to greater heights and I’m loving the agony of assembling efficient lists. I simply need to get them fighting on the table.

Of my main-line warlocks: Xerxis1, Mordikaar1, and Makeda3, only Xerxis1 was changed by swapping out the spell Rift for his new beast-catapult, Lurch.

The New Shinies

The full list of changes, along with developer’s notes, is available from Privateer Press here: http://privateerpress.com/january-skorne-errata-developers-notes

It made for very gratifying reading.

I’ve had some time to try my hand at a few of the tweaked beasts and units, and I’d like to go into a few of the options I’m enjoying the most or am exited to try in the near future.

Worldly Warriors

Beast Handlers – One subtle change to talk about here, and that’s the addition of the Prodding rule. Free charges are back, so long as the beast starts the charge while in base-to-base with a Beast Handler. This synergies nicely with Medicate, and I have used this ability in every game since the Errata. I didn’t think it would be possible to like this unit more than I did already, but I do.

Swordsman + Command Attachment – The soldiers themselves are now master swordsmen with a MAT of 7. I’m still surprised at how much of a difference this single point of MAT has made to their hit rates. The Command Attachment got the same +1 MAT buff, and has kept all of his passive goodies. For the mini-feat, he has swapped the situationally useful Show of Force (extra attack dice) for the ubiquitously useful Power Swell (extra damage dice). Under Xerxis1, they can murder anything they can get to. Combo-strike, Stir the Blood, Power Swell, and Feat is MAT 7 POW 14 + 5d6 charge, with pathfinder and side-step. Unfortunately too many people know what they can do and I don’t normally get into the enemy with more than 3 or so swordsmen left. That’s still enough.

Legends of Halaak – Everything about this unit has solidified. All passives now apply regardless of which model is alive so the bookkeeping got a lot easier. More importantly they became SPD 7 MAT 8 Weaponmasters. Now not only do I really like the personality of the unit, they do their job against both jacks and infantry, together or separate. Fun, versatile, dangerous, and a bargain at 8 points when using our solos as a benchmark.

Terracotta Army – My shorthand way of saying All the Exalted. Immortals have got resonance with Ancestral Guardians, Hakaar gives +1 MAT all around, and Advocates can spend souls on rerolls. The whole package is a big investment, but it’s top-notch fun hurtling buffed up Immortals across the table like a tidal wave of obsidian and stone.

Mighty Monsters

Archidon – Long Leash and a drop to 10 points has seen me include the Archidon in most of my lists ever since. It’s a lot easier to see him as a premium light warbeast, than the heavy he is actually classified as. He’s got such great range and speed that he’s always keeping an opponent on their toes regarding the threat he represents to their support models, and Lightning Strike is half the cost of Fate Walker for when Makeda3 or Xerxis1 want to get stuck in for themselves.

Molik Karn – Everyone(tm) says Molik is a shadow of his former self. While I know empirically that is true looking at the Mk2 to Mk3 transition, after the Errata he’s become my favourite Heavy. A points drop to 19, and a STR increase putting him at P+S14 Weapon Master sees him annihilate everything within reach. He’s got inbuilt intuition and future sight making him not only dangerous with raw stats, but efficient with his fury usage.

Hydra – Less related to the Errata itself, and almost entirely due to the model released, the Hydra will be my first Gargantuan (one day.) The rules simply solidified that choice as worthwhile for army composition. RAT 6 sprays, so I hear, are a thing. And the animus Sand Storm is some unique and very useful ranged defensive tech for Skorne. On it’s own, it doesn’t boost resilience to enemy shooting, but with a -3″ range on enemy guns, it’ll help pull them solidly into retaliation range if they take those shots.

Animatarax – I hadn’t really given this one much thought until a couple of weeks ago where I got to face one in a Skorne mirror match. Xerxis1 vs Xerxis2 in a temporal battle for supremacy! That Animatarax was amazing. Once he’s properly riled up with Rage tokens, he hits SPD 8 with a 12″ d3+1 ROF gun and Reposition 3″ !! And he only gets proper scary in melee. For the same cost as a Titan Cannoneer he’s going to see a lot of table time once I get him.


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